Serie Double


Well done to everybody involved in the games against ATK.

A beautiful evening became rather confusing for us after hearing the order of play by the home team.

They had only one female player turned up at kl.17.00, the others arrived at 18.30!!

We also had a no show and missed a couple of players through work commitments and injury.

So a bit of a chaotic start. Jens and Felix won the firstset (7-5) in their mixed double, before their opponents had to retire from being completly worn out by the aggresive tennis being played by Felix and Jens.

Johnny and Henrik won an entertaining doubles match, with many long rallies and alot of good net play (6-2, 7-5).

Erik and John were also victorious beating supposidly ATKs best mens double, 6-4 6-3.

So half way and we’re 3-0 up . Great.

Unfortunately Christina and Felix lost the girls doubles to a strong pairing, and Henrik and Jens got humped in the HD3 game.

Great that Henrik and Jens stepped up due to player shortage and the strange match schedule, and then it appears it was ATKs strongest pairing playing. The guys put up a good fight but lost, so all of a sudden it was 3-2!!

So it was up to Erik and Christine to go out and close the match out for us, in the last MD game, starting after kl.20.00.

To cut a long story short…. Christine and Erik kicked butt!!

After hearing that the bar in the club house would be closing at kl.21.00 Erik and Christine produced a tennis master class, dismantling their opposition totally. Winning 6-2, 6-1 they made it to the bar for a well earned beer.

So great result for us in the end 4-2, next up Ballerup.

/john white